This online publication is devoted to the XXII Triennale, Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival. Launched exactly a year prior to the exhibition opening on March 1, 2019, it documents the curatorial team’s research and thought processes involved in organizing the exhibition––while at the same time enticing new ideas and opinions to feed our insatiable curiosity.

This is an inquisitive publication––of texts, images, videos, podcasts, reports, and references––that considers critically our relationship with the environment around us and within us. The contributors, coming from fields as diverse as journalism, science, philosophy, literature, design, technology, history, and politics, will elaborate on the theme of “broken nature” and help construct a linguistic as well as material vocabulary associated with the notions of restorative and regenerative design.

On this platform, the curators will also compile a digest of news articles and academic essays, recent and long-standing discoveries and theories, projects, books, journals, and people, functioning as a living index for the public.

This publishing forum is an opportunity to both expand on the themes of the XXII Triennale and extend its reach to a wider audience. Its ambition is to render the curatorial process more transparent and unfold relevant research questions, creating opportunities for public discussion that will add depth and dimension to the gallery display, the printed catalogue, and the public programs.

Editors: Paola Antonelli, Ala Tannir, Laura Maeran, Erica Petrillo, and Azzurra Muzzonigro.
Copy editors: Tanya Heinrich
Design: Anna Kulachek
Development: Dario Zampiron

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The content submitted by authors and participants to the Broken Nature online platform does not necessarily reflect the official opinion of La Triennale di Milano.