The XXII Triennale di Milano, Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival, comprises four major commissions and multiple loans that fall under the rubric of “restorative” design, as well as twenty-one international participations. Although different in scale and in typology, each of the projects featured in Broken Nature is tied to a similar ambition; namely, that of stressing the pervasiveness of environmental concerns in today’s world, and to offer a vivid demonstration of how design can be a powerful tool to repair some of the threads that connect us to all environments and all species.

4 Tiered Kambha composter, Poonam Bir Kasturi of Daily Dump. 2007.

100 Chairs in 100 Days, Martino Gamper. 2007-17.

A.A.I, Agnieszka Kurant. 2014-17.

Abzû, Matt Nava with Giant Squid. 2016.

Acoustic Fur, Christien Meindertsma. 2018.

Adaptive Manufacturing, Olivier van Herpt and Sander Wassink. 2016.

The Agari Project, Ari Jónsson. 2016.

Água Carioca – Urban Circulatory System in Brazil, Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg of Ooze Architects with Angelo Renna, Sacha Mollaret, Adolfo Estrada Vargas, Dirk Gonzalez Veugelers, Verena Balz, Florian de Visser, Mario Campanella. 2012-19.

Alces Alces, Victor Alge. 2017.

Algae Geographies, Algae Platform, Atelier Luma / Luma Arles with Studio Klarenbeek & Dros, III+1, buro BELÉN, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven and HuisVeendam, Vera Scaccabarozzi, Inès Bressand and Is Fainas Cooperative, and other contributors. 2019.

ALMA Music Box: Melody of a Dying Star, Whatever, PARTY NY, Bassdrum, Qosmos, Epiphany Works and NOAJ. 2014.

Anatomy of an AI System, Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler. 2018.

Anima, Kosuke Araki. 2018-19.

BEE’S, Susana Soares. 2007.

Beyond Drifting: Imperfectly Known Animals, Mandy Barker. 2016.

Biowelding / Jammable Structures, David Benjamin of The Living. 2019.

Birdsong (commission), Khaled Malas, Salim Al Kadi, Alfred Tarazi and Jana Traboulsi of Sigil with Aamer Ibrahim, Emad Madah, and Fateh Moudarres Center for Art and Culture. 2019.

Cananguchal, Abel Rodríguez. 2018.

Cape Mongo, Francois Knoetze. 2013-16.

Capsula Mundi, Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. 2003.

Caskia / Growing a MarsBoot, Liz Ciokajlo of OurOwnsKIN, and Maurizio Montalti of Officina Corpuscoli. 2017.

Concept Shoe from adidas x Parley, Alexander Taylor of Alexander Taylor with Parley for the Oceans and adidas. 2015.

The Crime of Rescue – The Iuventa Case, Forensic Oceanography and Forensic Architecture with Center for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths University. 2018.

Damaged Goods, Caroline Slotte. 2009; 2012.

Designs for an Overpopulated Planet: Foragers. Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby of Dunne & Raby. 2009.

Design Museum Dharavi (Cricket Bats), Jorge Mañes Rubio and Amanda Pinatih. 2016.

El árbol de la vida y la abundancia, Abel Rodríguez. 2018.

Emergent and Erratic: Monsoonal Transmogrification of Land, Air and Sea, Lindsay Bremner, Christina Leigh Geros and John Cook of Monsoon Assemblages. 2016-21.

EyeWriter, Zach Lieberman, James Powderly, Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, TEMPT1, Theo Watson. 2009.

Fairphone 2, Fairphone. 2015.

The Fallacy of the Closed System [Malfictions], Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado of El Último Grito. 2017.

Fixperts, Daniel Charny and Dee Halligan of Fixperts. 2012-18.

Florescence Zoetrope, Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg of Nervous System. 2014.

Foicuje janugay—Yuca brava de grillo, Abel Rodríguez. 2018

Ganges Water Machine: Designing New India’s Ancient River, Anthony Acciavatti. 2015.

Geolana, Jacopo Ruggeri, Leonardo Ruggeri, Oscar Ruggeri, Giampietro Tronci of Edizero Architecture for Peace. 2016.

Geomerce, Gionata Gatto and Giovanni Innella. 2015.

Goatman, Thomas Thwaites. 2016.

Going Blank Again, Caroline Slotte. 2016.

Grasslands Suspended, Linda Tegg, and Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright of Baracco+Wright Architects. 2019.

The Great Animal Orchestra, Bernie Krause and United Visual Artist. 2016.

Hippo Roller, Pettie Petzer and Johan Jonker.1991.

Human X Shark, Ai Hasegawa. 2017.

Hunnie, Sophie Krier and Henriëtte Waal. 2009-13.

Hy-Fi Bricks, David Benjamin of The Living. 2014.

Ice Stupa: Artificial Glaciers of Ladakh, Sonam Wangchuk of Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) with Sonam Dorje and Simant Verma of Ice Stupa Project. 2013-14.

Il Leone delle Donne (women’s lion), Chiara Vigo. 1996.

Images of Change, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). 2014-17.

Intake Facility for an Anonymous Client, Mustafa Faruki of theLab-lab for architecture. 2014-19.

The Ise Bay Project, Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie Portefaix of MAP Office. 2018.

Italian Limes, Studio Folder (Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual) with Pietro Leoni, Alessandro Mason, Angelo Semeraro, Livia Shamir, and Delfino Sisto Legnani. 2014-18.

Italian Tropics / Fiore di Loto, Eugenia Morpurgo and Olivia de Gouveia of The Future Continuous. 2019.

Janma—The Clean Birth Kit, Zubaida Bai of ayzh. 2009.

Kumega Janugay – Yuca brava, Abel Rodríguez. 2018.

Ladybird Umbrella, Sophia Carr at Little Inventors. 2016.

La vega, Abel Rodríguez. 2018.

La vega II, Abel Rodríguez. 2017.

The Legal Status of Ice, Irene Stracuzzi. 2017.

LEGO Plants from Plants, LEGO. 2018.

Lia Pregnancy Test, Bethany Edwards and Anna Couturier Simpson of LIA Diagnostics. 2018.

Local River. Mathieu Lehanneur. 2008.

Maldives Sandbars, Skylar Tibbits, Jared Lucks, Schendy Kernizan, Bjorn Sparrman, Nitzan Zilberman and Heather Nelson of MIT Self-Assembly Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Sarah Yasmin Dole and Hassan Maahee Ahmed Maniku. 2018-19.

MARS, Alex Goad. 2013.

Mata de achiote, Abel Rodríguez. 2018.

Menstruation Machine—Takashi’s Take, Sputniko!. 2010.

Million Dollar Blocks, Laura Kurgan and Eric Cadora of Spatial Information Design Lab, GSAPP, at Columbia University with David Reinfurt and Sarah Williams. 2005.

Mixtape, Scott Bodenner for The Bodenner Collection. 2014.

Moyasimon, Masayuki Ishikawa. 2004-14.

Nanohana Heels, Sputniko!. 2012.

Nature Self Portrait, Laura Aguilar. 1996.

Never Alone, Upper One Games of parent company E-Line Media, and Ishmael Angaluuk Hope. 2014.

No Plooshon Jacket, Gruff ap Garth at Little Inventors. 2017.

NukaBot, Dominique Chen with Hiraku Ogura and Young Ah Seong of Ferment Media Research. 2018.

Oki Naganode, Julia Lohmann. 2013.

Ore Streams (commission), Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi of Formafantasma. 2017.

Pacific Aquarium, Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy of Design Earth. 2016.

Palm Stool from Can City, Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami of Studio Swine. 2013.

The Path to Luma, Daniel Keyes, Katie Ryan, and Phosphor Games Studio. 2015

Period-Proof Underwear, Thinx. 2017.

PIG 05049, Christien Meindertsma and Julie Joliat. 2007.

Plastiglomerate, Kelly Jazvac with Patricia Corcoran and Charles Moore. 2013.

The Political Equator, Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman of Estudio Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman and UCSD Cross-Border Initiative. 2018.

Quinta Monroy Incremental Housing

Project, Alejandro Aravena, Gonzalo Arteaga, Juan Cerda, Victor Oddó, and Diego Torres of Elemental. 2003.

Raising Robotic Natives, Stephan Bogner, Philipp Schmitt and Jonas Voigt. 2016.

Reliquaries, Paola Bay and Armando Bruno. 2018.

Resurrecting the Sublime, Christina Agapakis, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, and Sissel Tolaas with support from IFF Inc. and Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc.. 2019.

The Room of Change (commission), Giorgia Lupi, Gabriele Rossi, Nicola Guidoboni, Giovanni Magni, Lorenzo Marchionni, Andrea Titton, and Alessandro Zotta of Accurat. 2019.

Ruby Cup, Julie Kjær Weigaard, Maxie Matthiessen and Veronica D’Souza of Ruby Life Ltd. 2011.

Sanctuary, Patricia Piccinini. 2018

The Sausage of the Future, Carolien Niebling and ECAL/École cantonale d’art de Lausanne. 2014-17.

Seated Design, Lucy Jones. 2017.

Seed Journey, Amy Franceschini of Futurefarmers. 2016-18.

A Silent Place, Jonathan Harris. 2018

Silk Pavilion, Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2019.

SoFi, Robert Kartzschmann, Joseph DelPreto, Robert MacCurdy, Andy Marchese and Daniela Rus of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2014.

SUN+, Brecht Duijf and Lenneke Langenhuijsen of buro BELÉN. 2012-18.

Supergrow 11000, Arthur Dobson at Little Inventors. 2018.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen), the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Global Crop Diversity Trust. 2008.

Terra cotta #1, Talia Mukmel of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. 2011.

Think Evolution #1: Kiku-ishi (Ammonite), Aki Inomata. 2016-17.

Three Material Stories, Lindsey Wikstrom Lee. 2017.

Tissue Printing, Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg of Nervous System with Jordan Miller, Ian Kinstlinger and Bagrat Grigoryan of Miller Lab at Rice University. 2018.

Tlaloque 200 Liter, Isla Urbana. 2016.

Totems (commission), Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2019.

Totomoxtle, Fernando Laposse with the Community of Ejido Tonahuixtla, Puebla, Mexico. 2019.

Tracing, Caroline Slotte. 2015.

Transitory Yarn, Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Max Scheidl and Anna Neumerkel. 2016.

UltraBOOST Uncaged from adidas x Parley; UltraBOOST Deep Ocean Blue from adidas x Parley, Parley for the Oceans and adidas. 2016; 2018.

Under Blue Skies, Caroline Slotte. 2015.

Vañoobo tabaco origen, Abel Rodríguez. 2018.

>VEEG, Petra Janssen, Simone Kramer and Dick Van Hoff of Social Label. 2014.

Water Tasting, Arabeschi di Latte and Jane Withers Studio. 2017-18.

Whale Songs, People+AI Research (PAIR) and Creative Lab at Google. 2019.

Wind Map, Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg. 2012.

Women and Heart Disease: Physician Bias and AI, Karthik Dinakar at MIT with Dr. Catherine Kreatsoulas and Analise Alexandra Emhoff, illustrated by Irina Kruglova. 2019.

Wonderwater Café, Jane Withers and Kari Korkman. 2011.

Woobi Play, Lars Holme Larsen and Mirko Ihrig of Kilo Design, and Bibi Ho of Airmotion Laboratories. 2017.