The Path to Luma

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Path to Luma is a video game developed by Daniel Keyes, Katie Ryan, and Phosphor Games Studio that tells the story of a once-vigorous interplanetary civilization, the Chroma, whose many earths, each characterized by particular resources and traits—forest, crystal, desert, among others—formerly thrived. With time, the Chroma exhausted all their supplies and depleted their environments, causing a massive collective exodus toward one last surviving planet. Troubled by scarce supplies and suffocating overpopulation, the Chroma worked tirelessly to develop new technologies to recover their old homes and built SAMs (sustainability augmentation models), androids that could travel back to each planet and help the Chroma implement clean energy technologies and encourage more empathic and sustainable approaches.

The Path to Luma is part of the Broken Nature exhibition, open through September 1 at La Triennale di Milano.

Daniel Keyes, Katie Ryan and Phosphor Games Studio, The Path to Luma, 2015. Stills from video.

The Path to Luma is a mobile gaming that acts as a powerful medium for bringing art, activism and play to the world. The widespread adoption of smart devices across geographies, demographics and cultures brings a unique opportunity to reach global populations. With over 2.2B mobile gamers in the world and 500 new mobile games submitted to the Apple App store every day,  gaming offers a particularly powerful platform for making issues and solutions highly accessible and engaging. Harnessing this opportunity for good, a team of young American innovators come together to create a stunning mobile game that connects people in a meaningful and delightful way with the capabilities of clean energy. Personal action around energy choice is particularly relevant in the context of our relationship with nature, as the power sector is the highest-polluting industry, accounting for around 40 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.


Now at nearly 4M downloads around the globe, The Path to Luma invites players to immerse themselves in 23 worlds filled with mythical creatures, mind-bending puzzles and a backdrop of music from award-winning composer, Austin Wintory. By applying whimsical interpretations of clean energy solutions, worlds transform from dingy, polluted places to lush and verdant landscapes and advance players to more complex worlds and puzzles. In addition to appealing to creative instincts, a player leaves the game inspired and empowered and ultimately with the realization that she has the ability to be a real-world driver of change.

Katie Ryan
Katie Ryan is the co-founder of The Path to Luma alongside Daniel Keyes. In addition, she works for a clean energy non-profit, WattTime, which sells technology to reduce energy emissions based on location-based, real-time data. She is based in Austin, Texas with her family and trail runs as often as possible

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